Last updated: October 25th, 2017


I made the update 1.7 but the avatars and banners are not displayed anymore New

If you do an update, the avatars and banners of your members will not be displayed, it will be necessary that he put them in the edition of their account :).

How does the follow system work? What happens if you follow a user? New

It is registered in the database, and in the 1.8 update the page for this feature will be added to find it useful. Same for Wishlists... I got a head start on the next update.

What about the analytics & categories pages? New

I prefer to take the time on these features to get you out of the way and working properly. In the 1.8 update these features will be present in their entirety.

I have errors on the display of my pages, how to remove them? New

It is strongly recommended that you disable the error display from your Host. These errors are not important and does not prevent the proper functioning of the script. But it's not very pretty to see. Disable the display of PHP and other errors in your Panel Host.

You have a problem installing Vanguard? I can help you, have you put the following files/folders in CHMOD 755:

uploads (folder)


How to remove Unlicensed Froala Editor message? New

Unfortunately I can not do much, you must do it yourself by buying the license or leave it as it is. :(

Why am I getting congue condimentum turpis?

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